Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 2, December 2022 
Extraction and Identification of Bioactive Compounds from Archachatina marginata (Giant African Land Snail).

Pages 79-88

Ovioma, G. O.; Ojokuku, S. A.; Kuteyi, T. R.; Saanu, A. I.; Olusegun-Joseph, T. S.; Apena, L. O.

Cardiac Hypertrophy: Neonatal Pregnancy Disorder

Pages 111-121

Roba Abdo Ateef Roba Abdo Ateef Roba Abdo Ateef; Samah M. Fathy

House Crow Habitats and Habits.

Pages 183-189

Saleh, A. M.; Eldnasory, M. A.; Anany, A. E.

Mammalian Biosafety of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki -Based Bioinsecticide

Pages 273-286

El-Saadany H. M.; Gamila A.M. Kotb; Ibrahim, A. A.; Nashwa Elshaer

The Influence of Sperm DNA Fragmentation on Blastulation and Implantation Rates in Different Sources of Sperms.

Pages 299-313

Mohammed Yousef khallaf; Sayed Barky Ahmed Abdelatif; Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed said; Hamed Abdelazim Helal

Effect of Varicocele and Diabetes on the Semen Quality and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Outcome in the Obese Men

Pages 359-372

Salha Abd El Fatah Saad; Amira Badereldin Abdel Ghany; Nehal Ali Abu-Elnaga; Ahmed Fathy Alsherbiny Hassan; Sawsan Abd El-Maksoud El-Shamy

Survey of Natural Agglutinins in Two Species of Marine Crabs

Pages 431-437

Rathika, R. K.,; Mary Mettilda Bai, S.; Vinoliya Josephine Mary, J.

Study of the Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Activities of The Methanolic Extract of The Leaves of Artemisia herba-alba on an Animal Model

Pages 457-464

Fouzia Kheira Boukabene; Abdelkader Ammam; Ahmed Reda Belmamoun; Djahida Aici; Abdallah Habab; Chafik Mhamdia

Contribution to the Study of The Antipyretic Effects of Aqueous Extracts of Two Plants « Urtica dioica and Nerium oleander ».

Pages 465-471

Aici Djahida; Rouisset Linda; Ammam Abdelkader; Belmamoun Ahmed Reda; Ghouti Dalila; Maghnia Djamila; Houamria Moufida

Evaluation of The Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of The Aqueous Extract of Anvillea radiata from South West Algeria

Pages 473-479

Fyad khadidja; Belboukhari nasser; Aici djahida; Abdelkader Ammam; Belmamoun Ahmed Reda; Ghouti dalila; Boukabene Fouzia kheira

Contribution to the Study of The Healing Effect of Zingiber officinale Extracts on an Animal Model

Pages 481-491

Chalane Fatiha; Zemour Hafidh; Bekkouche Assia; Arabi Zohra; Samai Ibtissem; Ouici Houria; Hamdaoui Mokhtaria; Beldjazia Amina; Missaoui Khaled; Ammam Abdelkader; Belmamoun Ahmed Reda