Effect of Microwave Energy on Some Stored Product Mites

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1 Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI), ARC, 12611, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.

2 Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI), ARC, 12611, Dokki, Giza, Egypt


Efficacy of microwave energy against larva, protonymph and adult stages of three stored-product mite species: Acarus siro L., Caloglyphus berlesei (Michael)and Carpoglyphus lactis (L.). The results indicated that the mortality increased gradually when exposure time and power increased. The mortality rate for all stages of mites in the untreated treatment is zero. The mortality in C. lactis was higher than in other mite species. The mortality experiments were conducted with an exposure time ranging from 120­–300 sec. at the powers of 180, 300 and 450 W. Acarus siro, C. berlesei and C. lactis larvae died at a higher rate than protonymph and adults. The protonymph died at a higher rate than adults when exposed to the same microwave energy. Mortality percent for larvae of A. siro was 94% using microwave energy at 180 W for 300 sec. The mortality of A. siro adults was 94% at 450W for 120 sec., and the mortality of C. berlesei adults was 82% at 450W for 240 sec. While the mortality of C. lactis larvae was 96% at 450W for 120 sec. These results indicated that the exposure time is more effect on acarid mites than power energy.