Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1, June 2023 
Assessment of Reproductive Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles on Male Albino Mice "Mus musculus"

Pages 53-67

Marwa S. Fadl; Abd-El-karim M. Abdellateif; Ahmed A. Khandel; Adel A. Aboella

In Vivo Salvia officinalis Extract and Orlistat Provides a Multimechanistic Strategy for Preventing Obesity

Pages 83-104

Bosy Azmy Abd El-Motelp; Hanaa K. Mohamed,; Hanan. M. Abd El-Latief; Marwa T. Hassen

Preliminary Analysis of Gross Alpha and Beta Radiation in Coastal Areas

Pages 129-138

Venci Candida, X.; Sherin Sheeba Shalini, P.,; Shenkani, K.; Jenifer, V.

The Relationship Between Plant Roots and Population Density of Soil Fauna in Some Vegetable Crops

Pages 145-153

Abd El-Karim, Hamdi Shaaban; Zaki, Ayman Youssef; Hegazy, Ahmad Kamel; Rizk, Marguerite Adly

A Retrospective Analysis of Mammal Bites in Kuwait: Seasonality, Demographics, and Occupations

Pages 173-180

Mohammed T. Al-Sayegh; Muna A. Alsalameen; Qais A.H. Majeed; Abdulaziz M. Alateeqi; Rihan B. Hani; Zuhair S. Amr

Comparison between Fresh and Histopathological Examination of Testicular Biopsy in NOA Patients

Pages 181-195

Amir M. Badawy; Sayed Bakry; Othman F. Abdelzaher; Mohammed Adel; Ayman Rashed

Cadmium-Induced Testicular Damage in Rats: Modulatory Role of Stemenhance® Against Oxidative Stress

Pages 223-241

Nehad M. Ibrahim; Asmaa M. Kandil; Rania S. Ali; Maiada Moustafa; Huda Sami; Alzahraa A. Elhemiely

Analysis of Attitude of Public Towards Prenatal Screening for Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders

Pages 287-299

Prakash Shoba S.; Arokya Glory P. T.,; Princy Anusha V.,; Varshaa T. B.,; Venci Candida X.,; Punitha A.; Anitha C.