Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, August 2016 
The Effect of Some Biological Factors on Helminthes infecting Clarias gariepinus from Lake Manzala, Port Said, Egypt

Pages 33-37

Hadeer Abd El-Hak Rashied; Ali Hussien Abu Almaaty; Ehssan Ahmed H Hassan; Maha Farid Mohamed Soliman

Biometric Relationships for the Bivalve Mussel, Brachidontes pharaonis Populations from the North-Western Coast of Suez Gulf, Egypt.

Pages 61-73

Awaad A. El-Sayed; Najat El-Mabrouk O. Ibrahim; Amr M. Nassef; Montaser A. El-Hammady; Hosam A. El-Mekawy