Discovery of A New Teleost Fish, Puntius ocellus from Kerala, India

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BJM Government College, Chavara, Kollam District, Kerala- 691583, India


A new Puntius species is described from a freshwater stream of Kerala, India.  It is related to Puntius mahecola, P. amphibius, P. euspilurus, and P. kyphus; all these are small elongate fishes with laterally compressed body having a non-ossified and weak last simple dorsal fin ray. But the new fish shows a number of differences from its close relative species.  It can be distinguished from its congeners in having a pointed and unusually elongated snout, a weak and non-osseous last simple dorsal fin ray, 23-24 lateral line scales, 2 ½ scales between lateral line and ventral fin, 7-8 predorsal scales, and a distinct golden or yellow ring surrounding its large caudal black spot on posterior most lateral line scales.  The new fish is not uncommon in the water bodies of Kazargod; it is edible and can be used as ornamental fish. The new species is taxonomically analyzed and compared with its congeners.