A Checklist of Stink Bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) of Maharashtra, India

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Zoology, Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts, Commerce and Science College, Akurdi, Pune.

2 Department of Zoology, Annasaheb Waghire College of Science, Arts & Commerce Otur, Pune.


The current study presents a comprehensive taxonomic list of the family Pentatomidae from the state of Maharashtra. The research involved an extensive literature review, resulting in the hierarchical classification of 2 out of 4 subfamilies that are found in India. According to the literature surveyed the present data comprises seventy-one species of forty-nine genera belonging to twelve tribes of two subfamilies namely Asopinae and Pentatominae. The enumeration of species by subfamily recorded is as follows: (Asopine 8 species, Pentatominae 68 species). Two subfamilies namely Asopinae and Pentatominae have been recorded from Maharashtra till date, contributing to the cumulative understanding of the broader Indian context, which encompasses four subfamilies in total. This checklist will be poised to function as a pivotal reference point for forthcoming investigations into Pentatomidae biodiversity and ecological research in Maharashtra. Exploring this area more extensively will likely reveal many more species than we currently know.