Effect of fungicide (Rizolex-T50%) on hepatorenal functions in Coturnix coturnix japonica

Document Type : Original Article


Plant protection research institute, A.R.C., Dokki, Giza, Egypt


We offered male Japanese quail(10 wks age 250-300gm wt) food fortified withfungicide Rizolex-T50% at three concentrations 0.1, 0.25 and 1 of its field rate (FR) (3gm Rizolex added to 1 kg food). Rizolex was mixed well with food. Results were recorded after one, five and ten days. AST, ALT, total protein and bilirubin in serum were determined as immediate indicator for liver function. Furthermore, we detected serum creatinine level as indication to kidney function. We followed food intake for 10 days and recorded the results after one, five and ten days.
Our results revealed that there were decreases in AST in general. There were changes at the 3 tested concentrations after 5 and 10 days in ALT. Total protein appeared to have various differences at all concentrations and at all time intervals. Creatinine level increased significantly at FR and its quarter after feeding for 10 days on contaminated bait. We could not detect any change in food consumption except at 1/4 FR after 5 and 10 days. In addition, a significant change at FR feeding on the treated bait appeared after 10 days.