Field and Laboratory Studies on some Land Snails in the Southern Part of Port Saied Governorate

Document Type : Original Article


1 Plant Protection Research Institute, ARC, MOALR, Egypt

2 Plant Protection Research Institute, ARC, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.


A survey study was carried out in two agricultural locations, El-Radwan Village and El-Asher Village, located at the Southern Part of Port Saied Governorate, during 2014/ 2015 and 2015 /2016. Major Field crops grown were Egyptian clover (Trifolium alexandrinum), Wheat (Triticum vulgare), and Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris). The obtained data revealed that land snails: Monacha cantiana, Monacha cartusiana, and Succinea putris species, were observed on these field crops. Results also indicated that Egyptian clover was the most preferred crop for the different stages of the mentioned land snails. The highest number of individual land snails was found on Egyptian clover followed by Sugar beet and wheat. In addition, the counted snails on the sugar beet field increased when planted nearby wheat. Therefore, suitable agriculture rotations, which avoid planting the investigated crops side-by-side, should be implemented, in order to lower the infestation of these land snail pests.
          Land snails egg-laying study, during the four successive seasons of 2016/2017, under laboratory condition, the study revealed that the highest number of Eggs, for M. cantiana and M. cartusiana, occurred during autumn months, followed by spring then summer. While for S. putris the highest numbers of eggs were during spring and autumn, followed by winter and summer months, respectively.