Phylogeny of Eryx Jayakari Isolated from Ha’il Province

Document Type : Original Article


1 1-Faculty of Science, Biology Department, University of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia

2 2-Department of Genetic engineering and Biotechnology, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

3 3-Institute of Biological Science, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

4 4-Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Suez University, 43527 Suez, Egypt

5 5-Radiation Sciences Department, Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Eryx jayakari (Arabian sand boa) is an important egg-laying boa that successfully reversed the oviparous ability about 60 million years after the transition of the group to viviparous. The current study aimed to infer the phylogeny of Eryx jayakari - isolated by our group from Hail province, Saudi Arabia- to other boas using mitochondrial 16S and 12S rRNA sequences and bioinformatics tools (MultAlin alignment, Mega program, and the Maximum Likelihood method). 16S rRNA phylogenetic tree inferred a strong relation between E. jayakari isolated from Ha’il (KSA) and that isolated from Khuzestan (Iran). 12S rRNA gene sequences showed a higher diversification than the 16S rRNA gene sequences in inferring the phylogenetic relationships for E. jayakari. A strong relation between E. jayakari and E. miliaris was also observed. It can be concluded that E. jayakari in Hail might be disseminated from Iran. More 12S rRNA sequences from Iran are required for further assessments.